Got hail? Be Aware of Unlicensed Roofing Contractors

by Rudy Nino

Make sure the contractor is licensed. How? Call the City of San Antonio at 210-207-1111 and then follow with prompt 5 or 0. Ask the city clerk to verify your contractor’s license and write it down.

Next, make sure that they are a ‘member in good-standing’ with NARI by logging onto:

So why choose a NARI pro roofer and member?

The local chapter screening processes are to ensures that members qualify and meet all local and state laws.

Be aware of fliers that show up at your door, free online ads, and the person that knocks at your door. Also, not all yellow pages ads mean that those contractors are license. And, never hire one that tells you to pull the permit.

Most licensed contractors are competent, honest, hardworking and financially responsible.

Know your home improvement rights and be a responsible and informed consumer and hire a reputable contractor. Avoid being victimized by unscrupulous or unlicensed so-called contractors.

Shop around before hiring a contractor.Be sure to visit your local home center and get informed about what roofing products should go on your roof.