Advertising With NARI San Antonio

The NARI San Antonio website has been building in popularity with homeowners seeking information and resources for starting their remodeling project. For NARI members, this is a great opportunity to expose their business to these visitors.

Free Advertising

If you are a NARI member you automatically get a free logo and member listing in our Find A NARI Pro directory. This directory lists all NARI members in alphabetical order.

Your member listing in the directory includes a logo and company description to help homeowners find the right contractor for their project. These ad spaces are free and included in your NARI membership. Please provide the NARI San Antonio Webmaster (Peter Beshay of UNOVA Design) with your company logo and description for display in the directory.

Logo Size: 150w X 150h graphic in GIF or JPG format. Please provide a logo in digital format of any size and the webmaster will resize to fit.
Company Description: Please provide 1 paragraph with 100 words or less describing your company, products or specialties.
Length of Exposure & Rotation: Constant inclusion directory listing while current NARI member.
Reporting: Every click-thru is logged and kept in our database for reporting purposes at the end of each week by email.
Links: Your ad will be linked to any page of your website.

Paid Advertising

To put your business in the optimum place for homeowner eyes, we have designed the NARI San Antonio website to include advertising in the right side bar – a premium location for exposure. To get your company featured in our advertising space, please fill out an advertising contract to get started.

Ad Size: 160w X 300h graphic in GIF or JPG format. Animated GIFs are accepted but discouraged (tacky and distracting).
Rotation: Equally shared with other advertisers on every ad-space included page.
Length of Exposure: Quarter Year (3 Months) – $150
Half Year (6 months) – $275 ($25 savings)
Full Year (12 months) – $550 ($50 savings)
Reporting: Every click thru is logged and kept in our database for reporting at the end of each week.
Links: Your ad will be linked to any page of your website.
Contract: Download Web Advertising Contract in Adobe Acrobat format.
Adobe Acrobat Format (pdf)

Ad Graphic Design

The design of your ad and graphics development IS NOT included in the cost of a premium ad-space exposure. Many companies already have ads developed or do this with their outsourced ad agency, Web Site developer or printing company. If you do not already have an ad designed and would like to have one designed for you, UNOVA Design offers to do this at a discount rate. You may also take advantage of the new and enhanced Flash Animation Banner Design now made available to you. The discounted cost of designing an ad graphic in the size suitable for the NARI San Antonio Web Site (160w X 300h graphic in GIF or JPG format) follows this price schedule:

  • Basic Static Level Ad (no animation): $100.00
  • Medium Level Ad (basic animation): $150.00
  • Advanced Level Ad (Optimal Flash Animation): $200.00

Upon design completion and approval, all artwork and graphic animation will become your own property and copyrighted to your company. (find out more information by contacting UNOVA Design)

Please take note that all of the above designs have with up to 2 revisions that you can use at your own convenience. All required alterations to your ad need to be submitted for approval by email to the following

For payment, please simply select this option in your order form (provided in the pdf file below) and include the cost of the ad design in the premium ad-space payment. We will contact you and start the ad design process. Please note that ad design may delay the inclusion of your ad on the NARI Web Site but your exposure period starts on the first day your ad is exposed on the Site not on contract signature.

For more details download the Web Advertising Contract in Adobe Acrobat format. Adobe Acrobat Format (pdf)