February is MEMBERSHIP MONTH for NARI! $50 off new memberships all month long!

Why Join NARI?

Earn more money and set your company apart from the competition!

Member Benefits

  • Increase exposure to homeowners through NARI’s advertising and communications program with Better Home & Gardens’ Remodelmagazine, the official consumer magazine of NARI.
  • Increase exposure to homeowners through NARI’s advertising and communications program with Home Improvement Magazine.
  • Improve your knowledge of national consumer trends with a complimentary digital subscription to Better Home & Gardens’ Remodelmagazine, the official consumer publication of NARI.
  • Earn more money learning better business practices through NARI’s alliance with E-Myth Contractor.
NARI Memeber Benefits

Even More Member Benefits

  • Enrich your knowledge with educational opportunities and certifications.
  • Increase your company’s recognition through use of the NARI logo.
  • Increase exposure to homeowners on NARI’s “Search for a Remodeler” on its website www.remodeltoday.com
  • Enrich your clients’ knowledge with content for your use in client newsletters and your promo materials.
  • Increase your company’s efficiency with business tips via NARI’s bi-monthly magazine and e-newsletter.
  • Save money with NARI’s discounted consumer marketing tools, including “How to Select a Remodeling Professional” and “Protect Your Family From Lead” guides.
  • Increase your market exposure by joining NARI’s Spokesperson Network, entailing answering media questions on areas of your specific expertise.
  • Increase your professional credibility with membership in the only independent association dedicated to the remodeling industry.
  • Compete for NARI’s prestigious Contractor of the Year Awards, which gains your company credibility in the marketplace.
  • Reduce your cost of doing business with group purchasing discount programs.
  • Save on books, software and services in the NARI Store.
  • Save on health insurance and prescription drugs with NARI’s Health Benefits Program.
  • Network locally and nationally with other remodeling companies.

Consumer Marketing and Lead Generation Campaign

NARI’s Marketing Committee chose Bolin Marketing to be its partner for a nationwide outreach to educate consumers on the importance of choosing a NARI remodeler. A three-pronged consumer outreach campaign was devised after much research with NARI members and homeowners, and it encompasses print ad buys, search engine optimization (SEO) tactics and video.

In the first part of the campaign, NARI will be making some national print ad buys in publications that have an audience of remodel-ready homeowners. In addition, NARI will customize these ads for the chapters to use.

The second part of the marketing campaign encompasses SEO, which targets the way a homeowner might search via Google or Yahoo. To that end, the URL to which homeowners will be directed from the print ad campaign is www.nariremodelers.com. Homeowners will be able to search for NARI members by ZIP code, as well as by specialty. To kick off the campaign, NARI?chose categories based on Google Ad Words, which takes into consideration the words that are chosen when someone does a search on Google and the frequency of those words. This site can be found at www.nariremodelers.com.

NARI members can e-mail info@nari.org with the nine specialties the company should be listed under on www.nariremodelers.com. These specialties are:

  • Remodeling Contractor
  • Cabinet Installer
  • Cabinet Refacing
  • Countertop Installer
  • Deck Contractor
  • Exteriors
  • Flooring Contractor
  • Green Remodeling
  • Insulation Contractor
  • Kitchens and Baths
  • Lighting Contractor
  • Masonry Contractor
  • Plumbing Contractor
  • Roofing Contractor
  • Siding Contractor
  • Tile Contractor
  • Universal Design Remodeler
  • Windows and Doors

These landing pages, as they are called, also has a series of videos on them, explaining what NARI is, what the Code of Ethics means to a homeowner who chooses a NARI contractor, what certification means and a testimonial from a homeowner who has used a NARI contractor. There will also be a separate landing page of the videos, which NARI members can link to from their Web site, without having to worry that a potential client could click away and then find another NARI member. The link for this Web site iswww.nariremodelers.com/video-player-external.aspx.

NARI members can download the HTML to use a NARI?logo with the video link embedded in it. These Web logos are available in 250×250 pixels, 180×150 pixels, 125×125 pixels and 65×65 pixels.

These videos are also available to members and chapters that might want to use them at a home show display. A DVD is available upon request by e-mailing marketing@nari.org.

Some local NARI Chapters also:

  • Distribute monthly newsletters
  • Maintain a Technical Reference Library
  • Liaison with local building officials
  • Monitor state legislation
  • Conduct local marketing campaigns
  • Hold educational seminars and meetings
  • Plan networking events
  • Hold Consumer Home Shows
  • Involve members with community service projects (with media exposure)
  • Maintain and distribute local membership directory

National Member Benefits:


  • Set your company apart from the competition
  • Certifications for contractors, lead carpenters, and specialties
  • Discounted consumer marketing tools, including “How to Select a Remodeling Professional” and “Protect Your Family From Lead” guides
  • Information regarding governmental affairs and how legislation affects your business


  • Promote your company to remodelers
  • Free listing on NARI National website
  • Be part of NARI’s high-profile public relations program that promotes NARI and its members
  • Chapter trade and consumer shows


  • Get noticed within the industry
  • Increased professional credibility with membership in the only independent association dedicated to the remodeling industry
  • Local, regional and national Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards Program highlight the industry’s finest
  • NARI logo, membership certificate and adherence to the NARI Code of Ethics


  • Reduce your cost of doing business
  • Group purchasing discount programs
  • Save on books, software and services in the NARI Store
  • NARI’s Health Benefits Program on insurance
  • NARI’s Prescription Card Plan on prescription drugs


  • Interact with other remodeling companies
  • Networking events on the local and national level, including two national Board Meetings and the “Evening of Excellence”.
  • Community service projects

National Association of the Remodeling Industry